Screenwriting Resources

In spring 2021 I was awarded a sabbatical to study and execute the writing of a screenplay. As part of that experience I have found many learning resources for screenwriters.

My collection of resources for screenwriters includes podcasts, coaching programs, scripts, writing references and competitions.


The Screenwriting Life – Hosted by Meg LeFauve and Lorian McKenna

Script Notes – Hosted by John August and Craig Mazun

Bulletproof Screenwriting (Audio) – Hosted by Alex Ferrari
Bulletproof Screenwriting (YouTube)

On The Page – Hosted by Pilar Alessandra

Write On – Final Draft sponsored podcast

TV Writer Podcast – Hosted by Gray Jones

3rd & Fairfax – WGA West podcast

The Writers Panel – Hosted by Ben Blacker


Rocaberti Writers Retreat – Weeklong writers’ retreats in European castles.

Screencraft Writers Summit – Three day screenwriters’ conference (virtual in 2021).

Screencraft – Seminars, webinars, competitions and consultants.

Roadmap Writers – Seminars, webinars, coaching with an emphasis on getting writers repped.

Blacklist Programs – Labs, workshops and residencies for emerging and underrepresented writers.

Sundance Screenwriters Lab – Five day intensive workshop for developing first or second film screenplay.

Sundance Screenwriters Intensive – Two day workshop for first time filmmakers from underrepresented communities.

Raindance – UK organization with online seminars and classes.


The HartChart Screenwriting Masterclass – James V. Hart’s multipart video masterclass on his HartChart character and story structure method.

The Advanced Script Coach Series – Jurgen Wollf’s four session online class covers characters, structure, treatments and marketing. [I loved Jurgen and connecting with my fellow students.]

Character Psychology For Writers – Kire-Anne Pelican’s four session online class covers developing and writing characters from a psychologist’s perspective.


Blacklist Script Archive – Downloadable archive of 100+ scripts from the last 10 years.

The Script Lab Screenplay Database – Downloadable

John August’s Screenplay Library – Viewable scripts written by John August and Craig Mazin.

Script Reader Pro 50 Best TV Scripts – Downloadable TV pilot scripts.

Script Reader Pro 50 Best Film Scripts – Downloadable screenplays in multiple genre’s.


Screenwriting Resources from Final Draft – Screenwriting tutorials and articles.

The Script Lab – Writing tips.

Script Magazine – How to write articles, industry pro interviews and career advice.

WriteOnSisters – Writing craft and life from fiction writers.

The WGA Registry – Document your work in the WGA Registry.

U.S. Copyright Registry – Start here to register the copyright of your script.


PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition – Cash and prizes to winner and finalists, with feedback for an additional fee.

ScreenCraft Writing Competitions – Genre focused writing competitions.

Austin Film Festival: Screenplay and Teleplay Competition – All entrees receive feedback, additional feedback for screenplays selected for the second round.

The Script Lab Screenplay Contest – FREE competition, with feedback for a small fee.

Female Voices Rock Film Festival – Prizes and mentoring for winner.


Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting – Screenwriting competition sponsored by the Motion Picture Academy.

Women In Film Feature Residency – Residency weekend and yearlong mentoring and events.

Women In Film Episodic Lab – Month-long series of workshops, mentoring sessions and master classes.

The Writers Lab US – Four day script intensive for women writers 40+ years old, feedback for an additional fee.

CineStory Feature Retreat and Competition – Four day retreat with mentoring.


The ABTs of StorytellingOn The Page podcast episode 754 with Doug Passon and Randy Olson.

Test Those Scene Connections – But, Therefore & Then – Heather Jackson blog post, Write On Sisters.


Action descriptions – DR. FORMAT: Directing the Camera Without Using Camera Direction

Inciting incidents – What is An Inciting Incident…Is [It] Working?

Flashbacks – How to Write a Flashback In a Script…

Formatting and using parentheticals – 5 Ways to Use Parentheticals in a Script

Using the Intercut – Intercutting

Character complexity and psychology – How to Use Cognitive Bias to Layer Your Characters

Preparing you script to send out for feedback – 5 Tips Before … Showing Your Script to a Professional