In 2019 I ventured into narrative screenwriting and in spring 2021 I did a sabbatical to go in-depth into the study of screenwriting and the use of images to spur story ideas. From January through May of 2021 “Muted Voice” went through multiple rewrites thanks to invaluable feedback sessions from mentor Warren Lewis (Black Rain, The 13th Warrior) and advisors Greg Loftin (Writing For the Cut), Pam Wallace (Witness) and Kathie Fong Yoneda (The Script-Selling Game). As part of my sabbatical I co-authored a workshop with Greg Loftin, “Words and Images: Cinematic Screenwriting.” View my sabbatical presentation.


Logline: Northern Voice is a one-hour serialized historical TV drama about a sexually victimized revival singer who comes to Hope, Alaska on the eve of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896 and must cope with the hardships of life in the far north in a world dominated by men.

Genre: Historical TV Drama

Accolades: FINALIST California Women’s Film Festival (Winter 2023), SEMIFINALIST Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, SEMIFINALIST Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Contest 2023, SEMIFINALIST ScreenCraft TV Pilot Competition 2023, SEMIFINALIST Reno-Tahoe Screenwriting Contest, OFFICIAL SELECTION Golden State Film Festival, AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2023 BEA Faculty Festival of Media Arts.


Logline: After a recently divorced grandmother moves in with her parents, she is recruited to play tennis for a community college and must navigate the challenges of being a 55-year-old freshman student athlete.

Genre: Half hour single camera TV comedy

Accolades: WINNER Stowe Story Labs 2023 Law Firm of Stacy A Davis Fellowship, BEST TELEVISION COMEDY SCREENPLAY Golden State Film Festival 2023, FINALIST BEST COMEDY TELEPLAY Portland Comedy Film Festival 2023, FINALIST Wiki Screenplay Contest Dec 2022.


Logline: Desert Belles is a female adventure feature about a cranky off-road racer and a fired sports reporter who battle ageism, each other and the Mojave Desert when they are partnered in the Desert Belles women-only off-road 4X4 rally.

Genre: Lighthearted Adventure

Accolades: SEMI-FINALIST Wiki Screenplay Contest-Feb 2023, HONORABLE MENTION Wiki Screenplay Contest-Jan 2023, SELECTION Rocaberti Writers Retreat Scholarship 2023


Logline: After losing their investment money to a con man that targets older women, an unappreciated classic car enthusiast and a cautious car wrap designer engage a club of retired lady spies to recover the dough.

Genre: Comedic Caper Feature

Accolades: QUARTERFINALIST 2022 CineStory Feature Retreat and Fellowship Contest, OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 2022 Sacramento International Film Festival, Winter 2022 Toronto International Women Festival screenplay competitions and 2022 UFVA Screenplay Competition.


Logline: After surviving the tornado that killed her father, a teen girl goes silent in her grief and guilt. She is forced to come to terms with her role in his death and pushed to face her crippling fear of storms to save her friend.

Genre: Family Drama.