In 2019 I ventured into narrative screenwriting by submitting a proposal for a sabbatical to go in-depth into the study of screenplay writing. My proposal was accepted for a spring 2021 sabbatical. In the fall of 2019 I explored story ideas and began work on “Muted Voice”.

A rough draft of the script was accepted into the Works-In-Progress review for the 2020 University Film Video Association conference (July 2020). From January through May of 2021 “Muted Voice” went through multiple rewrites thanks to invaluable feedback sessions from mentor Warren Lewis (Black Rain, The 13th Warrior) and advisors Greg Loftin (Writing For the Cut), Pam Wallace (Witness) and Kathie Fong Yoneda (The Script-Selling Game).

The second draft of “Muted Voice” has been submitted for the Works-In-Progress review for the 2021 University film Video Association conference.


Logline: After surviving the tornado that killed her father, a teen girl goes silent in her grief and guilt. She is forced to come to terms with her role in his death and pushed to face her crippling fear of storms to save her friend.

Genre: Family drama.