Invited Speaker Presentations

Professional Presentations – Invited
The following include invited speaking presentations and posters. Links to pdf versions of the presentations are provided where available.

Egan, Candace and Parades, Julian. Video Basics For Kickstarter Campaigns. November 5, 2014. Guest lecture for ME 135 Engineering Product Design, Lyles College of Engineering, Professor The Nguyen. (Invited Speaker.) Lecture Presentation

Egan, Candace. From Old Old Media to New New Media: Perspectives on Mass Media. May 5, 2011. Guest lecture for College of Arts and Humanities Honors Seminar, Professor Kevin Ayotte. (Invited Speaker.) Lecture Presentation

Egan, Candace. MCJ 118 Corporate Video. March 19, 2010. Fresno State Campaign Leadership Committee meeting: What Gifts Do agenda item presentation. (Invited Speaker.)

Egan, Candace. Film Narrative Storytelling. November, 19, 2009. Guest lecture to Juan Gomez’s class at Washington Union High School, Easton, California. (Invited Speaker.) Lecture Presentation

Egan, Candace. Multimedia In Teaching. September 24, 2005. Guest lecture for Topics in Physical Therapy: Teaching Methods PhTh 288T, California State University, Fresno. (Invited Speaker.) Lecture Presentation

Egan, Candace. Writing For the Web. April 27, 2005. Public Relations Society of America, Fresno chapter. (Invited speaker.) Presentation

Egan, Candace. Intro to Video Production. December 4, 2004. Fresno PC Users Group Digital Photography Special Interest Group. (Invited presentation.) Presentation

Egan, Candace, Barakzai, Mary, Berrett, Bryan, Huda, Amir, Lowe, Mitzi, and Joan Sharma. Fresno State Multimedia Program. University Expo. October 21, 2004. California State University, Fresno WASC site visit. (Invited poster presentation.)